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Since 2002, Red Line Contractors LLC has been at the forefront of demolition and contracting services. We have made it our mission to always do the job right - exceeding customer expectations through service and career excellence.




Let Red Line Handle your Construction Management. Everything from Pre-Construction Services to Budgeting and Maintenance.  We've got everything from Design-Build. 


Trust in our reliable Demolition Services to handle Demo from everything from Interior Demolition to Commercial Jobs. Count on us for Debris Removal, Site Clearing, Recycling, Disaster Cleanup, Foundation and Footing Removal, Excavating, and Cleanup.


Trust Red Line for all your Commerical Hauling Needs. By owning and operating our own equipment Red Line is able to maximize efficiency and fit client schedules and needs.


Slab Sawing  

Do you need to cutout concrete floors, Parking lot or a large slab? Our equipment has big blades and enough horsepower to make deep cuts up to 22 inches. 


Core Drilling  

If you need a circular opening in a concrete surface, Red Line Contractors is ready now. Our concrete core drilling team will get the job done of all stich drilling and diameter cut. 


Wall Sawing  

Do you have a large industrial remodeling project with concrete walls? Red Line Contractors has a track-mounted wall saw that will cut through brick, block and reinforced concrete. 


Wire Sawing  

Do you need to strategically remove or cut a concrete column? Red Line Contractors will use wire saws to dice through concrete columns, support piers and sewer lines. 


Hand Sawing  

Hand saws are ideal for projects in tight spaces. Call Red Line Contractors to cut out windows and man doors, bathroom trenches, concrete pipe or manhole tops. 



Our team of experts will perform precision demolition of driveways, patios and floors, then haul away every last piece of debris. We can remove an entire house or building. Mass concrete demolition or selective demo, Red Line Contractors provides the “Best Service Possible”  


Asbestos is commonly found in fire-proofing applications, acoustical spray on ceilings, pipe insulation, resilient floor coverings, exterior sidings, caulking, and roofing materials. 
We provide quick and efficient asbestos remediation services for any-size projects, from select building areas to interior and exterior demolitions. It’s essential that you use professional, licensed asbestos contractors during demolitions and renovation projects. This ensures that workers and residents are protected from airborne asbestos particles.


​We train our Asbestos Workers at the Contractor/Supervisor level.
This gives them the advantage with employers seeking workers with advanced level of knowledge.

  • Background Information and Mineralogy

  • Health Effects of Asbestos

  • OSHA & U.S.EPA Regulations

  • Personal Protection

  • Medical Surveillance

  • Abatement Techniques

  • Sampling & Analysis

  • Control Techniques

  • Waste Disposal



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Red Line Contractors LLC has been serving the Northwest Arkansas Area in the Demolition field since 2002. With a prime territory consisting of Arkansas and its neighboring states, we guarantee our service in any area or condition. Our years of experience and efficiency in the demolition process separate us from the competition in every category. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, and we are committed to a safe and timely project. By

Owning and operating our own heavy equipment and hauling services, we do not rely on rental equipment or containers. Eliminating the third party has allowed us to dominate delivery schedules and maximize success for General Contractors and Private Owners. Email or give us a call for a free consultation and estimate. 

Founded in 2002, from Residential to Industrial work, RedLine Contractors holds true to its core values of service and leadership as the industry leading demolition company in its field.

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 479-419-4100 or email us at

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Head Office

2156 E Emma Street

Springdale AR, 72764

Tel: 479-419-4100


To apply for a job with Redline, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 479-419-4100
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